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FAQ: “I’ve never done this before…how to I make sure that I pick the right divorce mediator?”

At New Hope Divorce Mediation we will meet with you for a free consultation before you commit to the divorce mediation process. You will have the opportunity to meet with me, your divorce mediator, and ask your questions to make sure that your divorce mediator is experienced and well versed in the issues you will need to resolve. It is important that you have confidence in the mediator you choose. You should have confidence that the mediator you choose will be able to maintain the balance of power between you and your spouse through your divorce mediation process until you receive your final Divorce Decree.

New Hope Divorce Mediation has several office locations, including our Yardley, PA location on Edgewood Road. Feel free to schedule your complementary consultation through our form or call 855-222-HOPE (4673).

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