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Mediation Saves Money

Mediation is significantly less expensive
than going to court.

  1.  All parties work toward issue resolution
  2. NHDM uses a set fee—No retainer—No hourly rate
  3.  Mediation takes less time which costs less money
  4.  Single neutral attorney mediator rather than two litigation attorneys

Mediation Saves Time

In mediation, the participants are in control of the timing – not the Court. Mediation is efficient because your neutral attorney mediator will provide the legal information you need to facilitate productive communication between the participants at the table. Your attorney mediator is trained to help participants communicate productively at the mediation table so that you may determine for yourself how you wish to proceed and keep the process moving.


One of the best ways to save time and money in mediation is to come prepared for each mediation session. We will tell you exactly what paperwork we will need from you to mediate your divorce. We create mediation books to organize your documentation and provide you with the law which is relevant to your matter. Follow up between mediation sessions is key. We will support you through every step of the process and provide you with the tools and information you will need to succeed in mediation. If you come to your mediation sessions prepared, you can complete your mediation quickly and efficiently.


When you are faced with the prospect of divorce you choose a path through the divorce process. You may choose to retain control of your life and your family’s life through divorce mediation. You could also choose to hire a litigator. Unfortunately when you litigate you hand over very personal and sensitive decisions to lawyers and judges.

We have all heard the horror stories about litigated divorces that have dragged on for years and caused families to suffer unrelenting stress and pain for all

involved, especially for their children. These divorces can cost tens of thousands of dollars, even in families without significant assets. It is human nature for the typical adversarial divorce process to snowball in a negative direction, dragging the parties further away from the settlement of their issues. More often than not, both parties walk out of the courtroom dissatisfied and even the ‘winner’ has to wait for the appeal papers to come in the mail any day. Not only does the courtroom drama tear the parties apart, it also causes untold damage and emotional stress to their children. Despite the damage, as parents, you will have to continue to work together for years to come.

By contrast, divorce mediation can provide you with the most respective and civil framework for handling your divorce as smoothly as possible. Your experienced, neutral divorce attorney mediator will educate and guide you through your divorce.