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Karen G. Salib, Esquire

Attorney-Mediator & Owner

Karen is an experienced, compassionate attorney-mediator with a long-standing commitment to assisting families through the many challenges of separation and divorce.

As a student at Temple University, Beasley School of Law, in Philadelphia, PA, Karen participated in an intensive Domestic Relations Mediation Clinical program.  She mediated custody matters in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and it was there that she first witnessed the powerful impact that the mediation process could have on families going through intense and emotional disputes. Instead of being further divided and entrenched in court proceedings, Karen helped couples find common ground and creative solutions to their conflict.

After graduating from law school, Karen gained extensive experience litigating divorce, support, and custody cases before the court as a passionate and dedicated advocate for her clients. She successfully handled numerous complex financial matters, as well as unique and challenging custody issues. However, after years of witnessing the emotional and financial toll of litigation first-hand, she was compelled to shift her focus back to mediation.

Driven by her passion for helping families through conflict, as well as comprehensive mediation training, Karen sought to provide couples with an alternative to litigation that put them back in control of the decision-making process. She focused on helping the parties gain confidence in their ability to work together to discuss and resolve the issues that were most important to them. Karen also recognized the value of providing mediation as a cost-effective means of dispute resolution, which would allow the parties to save their financial resources for the future.

With these priorities in mind, Karen helped to establish a prominent divorce mediation firm headquartered in Bucks County, PA. Over a period of years, she was instrumental in the development and expansion of the firm’s mediation services. In addition to mediating and participating in countless divorce, support, and custody mediations, she effectively trained and managed a team of 15 attorney-mediators in four states.

Karen firmly believes that even the most contentious disputes can be resolved through mediation if both parties are fully invested in the process and committed to reaching an agreement outside of court. At the start of each mediation, she identifies the parties’ collective goals and individual priorities, ensuring that each spouse’s voice is heard. Throughout the process, she draws on her specialized training and expertise to help the parties identify and evaluate all possible options for settlement. Karen’s detail-oriented and practical approach to mediation helps her clients efficiently resolve their issues and reach comprehensive, lasting agreements.

Mindey Elgart

Mindey Elgart, Esquire

Attorney-Mediator & Founder

Ms. Elgart has received extensive professional training in divorce mediation and collaborative law.  Ms. Elgart is qualified to mediate in Pennsylvania pursuant to Court Rule 1940.4, in New Jersey pursuant to Rule 1:40-12 as an Accredited Professional Mediator and is certified to practice collaborative law as well.

Ms. Elgart received her law degree from the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Elgart has been practicing law since 1985 in the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Ms. Elgart practiced family law litigation prior to dedicating herself exclusively to divorce mediation. As a result of her litigation experience, Ms. Elgart has an acute understanding and appreciation of the pitfalls of the litigation process and the significant benefits of resolving the issues of divorce through mediation. Ms. Elgart chose to leave a traditional litigation practice in order to emphasize her strengths in compassionate issue resolution.