Our process leverages our expertise as attorney-mediators, empowering you to create comprehensive, enduring agreements.


With years of experience representing individuals in family law matters and in legal proceedings involving children with special needs before turning exclusively to mediation, our attorney-mediators deeply understand the legal and emotional landscape you are facing.



Anyone committed to resolving their conflict amicably can benefit from mediation. Mediation is voluntary, so it only works when both people participate willingly. With the help of a skilled, neutral facilitator, even those in “high conflict” relationships can efficiently reach agreements that meet your needs. If you’re willing to listen, be creative, and focus on what matters most, you can resolve it all out of court through mediation.


We can help you address and resolve all of your divorce and related concerns, including financial matters and parenting plans.

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    We provide comprehensive and efficient divorce mediation services designed to help you stay in control and out of court. We help you through the divorce process one step at a time, including a  thorough review and analysis of your assets and liabilities, and structured guidance that allows you to have productive discussions in each mediation session. At the conclusion of your mediation matter, you will have a full and final agreement regarding the division of your marital estate.

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    We also offer detailed guidance on support matters, including both alimony and child support. We review your income information and other important considerations with you, such as the cost of health insurance, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and childcare costs. We assist you in reaching an agreement that provides both you and your children with a secure financial plan and a clear path forward.

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    When you are divorcing and have children, we understand that meeting their needs is your top priority. We offer a compassionate, confidential, child-centered way to negotiate your co-parenting and custody agreements. Mediation protects the financial and emotional resources you need for your children by focusing on what’s important and avoiding expensive and lengthy court battles. It also fosters the trust and communication necessary for positive co-parenting, which will benefit your family long after your divorce is over.



Most people who are considering mediation have never experienced it before and don’t know what to expect. At New Hope Divorce Mediation, we provide comprehensive, structured, and professional mediation services that support you every step of the way. We keep you informed, in control, and out of court, so you can get divorced efficiently and with dignity.

NHDM - Inquiry

Step 1: Inquiry

Get started by reaching out, either through our contact form, or by calling us at (855) 928-2705. You will speak with our wonderful paralegal, Sari Dominczyk, who can answer your questions about our services and, when you are ready, schedule a free, one-hour consultation for you and your spouse with one of our attorney-mediators.

NHDM - Consultation

Step 2. Free Consultation

Your initial consultation is a chance for you and your spouse to have a free, one-hour Zoom meeting together with one of our attorney-mediators to help you decide if mediation is right for you, and if we are a good fit to serve you. During this meeting, we explore your goals and interests, review the matters most important to both of you, and address your questions. At the end of the consultation, we will quote you a flat fee for your entire divorce mediation process.

NHDM - Mediation

Step 3. Mediation

During your mediation sessions, we address the division of your assets and debts, child support and/or alimony, parenting plan, and other concerns related to your divorce.

  • Mediation is a private and confidential process.
  • Each session is approximately two hours.
  • Most couples need two to four sessions to reach all of their financial and custody agreements.
  • Most mediation sessions are held via Zoom, but you may choose to meet in person.
  • Your attorney-mediator serves as a neutral facilitator, helping you both explore possibilities, generate options, and reach agreements that meet your family’s needs.

Mediation for Parents

Our attorney-mediators have years of experience helping families through emotional legal challenges involving children. We use this wealth of knowledge to provide detailed guidance and helpful suggestions that will result in a comprehensive parenting plan.

  • Your attorney-mediator helps you create enduring co-parenting agreements that meet your children’s needs.
  • You will discuss physical custody, such as a schedule for weekdays and weekends, as well as other important aspects, like holidays and vacations. 
  • You will also address legal custody, which includes how major educational and medical decisions will be made.
  • Children do not participate in mediation sessions.
NHDM - Attorney Draft

Step 4. Agreement Drafting & Review

After you complete your mediation sessions, we draft your Marital Settlement Agreement and Custody Agreement to reflect the financial and custody terms you reached through mediation. We recommend that each person reviews the draft agreements with their own attorney and financial professional, such as a certified public accountant or financial advisor; however, it is not required.

NHDM - Documentation

Step 5. Assistance Filing Your Divorce with the Court

Once you both have signed your Marital Settlement Agreement and Custody Agreement, we prepare the divorce documents you need to file with the court to obtain your Divorce Decree. We will support you through every step of the filing process until your divorce is final and your Divorce Decree is entered by the court.



The participants must conduct themselves with respect toward each other and their attorney-mediator.

The participants should understand that they will need to work hard toward compromising and maintaining flexibility throughout the divorce mediation process.

The participants will need to cooperate with each other to resolve their outstanding differences. In particular, participants will need to use their best efforts to commit to the mediation process to arrive at a resolution of their issues and not threaten litigation without compromise.

The participants acknowledge that there is no formal discovery process in mediation and that they must fully and voluntarily cooperate and disclose all relevant, material documents and information.

All communication with your attorney-mediator about substantive issues will occur with both participants present or by email to all involved.

Neither blame nor fault should be brought into the divorce mediation session.

Decisions regarding the children are prioritized, and children should not be used as bargaining tools.



Once you have made the difficult decision to divorce, it pays to begin mediation as soon as possible. That said, it is never too late, even if you are already involved in divorce or custody litigation. It starts by reaching out, either through our contact form, or by calling us at (855) 928-2705. Our wonderful paralegal, Sari Dominczyk, will answer your questions about our services and, when you’re ready, schedule a free consultation for you and your spouse with one of our attorney-mediators.

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