Can We Use Mediation If We Don’t Get Along Well?

Most of the time a primary reason that a couple is headed for divorce is because there’s been a break down in communication.  While it is always a pleasure to work with a couple who is concerned about the well-being of their spouse, it is not a requirement.  It is the job of your mediator to assist you with overcoming impasse and finding creative solutions.

Having an experienced mediator present will change the dynamics of your communication dramatically.  There are times when a couple has a difficult time being in the same room yet they have agreed that they want to resolve their issues efficiently.  All you NEED to agree on is that you want to settle your issues as quickly, inexpensively and as respectfully as possible.  Of course everyone should use their best efforts to compromise.  You need to negotiate in good faith.  Settlement cannot occur if you’re not willing to bend.  The parties come to understand that it is in their own best interests and the best interests of their family to work together toward a fair and equitable settlement.  It is the mediator’s job to facilitate resolution of your issues and assist you through the divorce process as peacefully and respectfully as possible.