What You Should Know About Divorce Mediation

It is important to make sure that you feel comfortable with your divorce mediator.  I think that the two most important features you should look for in the divorce mediator you choose are; 1. their professional expertise; and 2. empathy.  You need to be comfortable expressing yourself.  That being said, the ground rules of treating…

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Getting Through Your Divorce

The most productive way to get through your divorce grief is to choose to move on and implement positive and constructive methods to meet your goals.  Going it alone can be very lonely.  Creating a network of support and implementing the strategies listed in this article can get you to the finish line more quickly…

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Online Mediation Spikes for Divorce in COVID-19

Woman sitting at table looking at laptop computer.

I had always thought that it was necessary to meet people in person in order to mediate. While I do love meeting with people and mediating that way, I have found that video conferencing is much more personal and connected than I would have thought.  Necessity is, of course, the mother of invention.  I had…

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Moving Forward After Divorce

These are fabulous suggestions for moving forward after divorce.   1.  You are allowed to grieve.  It is almost impossible not to regardless of whether you were the initiator.   2.  Prioritize your children’s future.   3.  Get on top of running your financially independent household.  That doesn’t mean you are not receiving or paying…

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Gray Divorce: What You Should Know

Gray Divorce: What You Should Know - New Hope Divorce Mediation - divorce, divorce mediation, gray divorcePhoto by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

You probably have a lot invested in a long term marriage.  When facing divorce the same rules apply, such as getting educated with information about your rights and your assets.  If you don’t want to spend your golden years fighting with each other, mediation is a wonderful alternative.  Just make sure that you feel fully…

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