Losses in Divorce – What You Should Know

The losses listed in this article are tough.  There is a silver lining in each of them.  First of all, the give and take with time with your children can turn out to be a good thing once to make peace with the new routine.  The time without your children can give you time to yourself, to grow, heal, work on yourself or just get some errands out of the way.  Then when your children come back to you, you can be more refreshed and ready to take on the time you have together with renewed vigor.  As far as sharing your children’s triumphs, that is one of the many reasons I am such an advocate for mediation.  That shouldn’t stop.  You will both always be the parents of your children and no one will experience the joys of your children’s triumphs more than their other parent.  You may lose your live in fix-it person, but you will become more self-reliant, even if it does come down to having the handy person’s number on speed dial.  You will make new memories and new experiences so long as you are open to the opportunities that come your way or that you make.  You may have less money, but you will also have more control.  Embrace it.  Your future has been altered from what you expected, but it is not as bleak as you may think at first.  It is an opportunity for change.  Make it what you will.  

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