Maintain Control

Mediation participants retain control over the timing and terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement rather than handing over the decision making to lawyers and judges.

maintain controlThe participants in mediation maintain control over the timing, scheduling of meetings, substantive decision making and final outcome. Mediation is voluntary and each party must agree to work in good faith to arrive at decisions that will be acceptable to both parties. Your attorney mediator will help participants communicate productively at the mediation table so that you may determine for yourself how you wish to proceed and keep the process moving. The participants are the final decision makers.

You are empowered with information about the relevant law you need to make decisions for your family and yourself about the best way to move forward independently in a well-balanced, private atmosphere. Your neutral attorney mediator will provide legal information and creative options to facilitate productive communication between the participants at the table.

While some people may enjoy the battle and thrive on conflict, most find it stressful and even traumatic. You may avoid the anxiety of handing over control of these important decisions to lawyers and judges. Your attorney mediator is trained to work with both parties so that you retain greater control over the outcome.