Reach Lasting Agreements

Mediation participants are much more likely to abide by the terms of their Marital Settlement Agreements in the future.

divorce mediationMediation participants create their own solutions. As a result, studies show that as contributors, the parties are much more likely to abide by their agreements, thus avoiding the cost and stress of ongoing legal battles.

It is a basic tenant of classroom management that providing the opportunity for students to create their own classroom rules will result in more effective compliance with those rules. It is human nature.

As a result of the litigation process, however, good people get caught up in a cycle of retaliation. It is also human nature. When one person is hauled into court, the animosity that each attack brings snowballs into ongoing battles.

Fortunately, in the mediation process there is no winner or loser. Mediation participants take ownership of their mutually agreed upon resolutions. The resulting Agreement is the embodiment of satisfying results tailored to their unique circumstances.

Mutual voluntary cooperation leads to a far greater likelihood of future compliance and mediation participants are much less likely to have to resort to the courtroom in the future. The resulting Marital Settlement Agreement is a compromise created by the parties which results in significantly greater compliance.