Tips for a Healthy Divorce

Healthy Divorce

You will always be the parents to your children.  Forever.  Please remember to keep the adult issues between the adults.  Your children have enough to deal with adjusting to life’s changes, so please be careful.  I recommend that mediation parents consult with a therapist to learn the best way to tell their children about their…

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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

CoParenting and Divorce

Don’t speak ill of the other parent in front of your children!  Your children are half of each of you and if you criticize the parent, you are criticizing, and hurting, your child.  Your child will notice somewhere inside them and will be grateful that you didn’t disparage the other.  Time will tell and they…

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Shared Parenting Is Best for Children After Divorce

Shared Prenting Is the Best for Children After Divorce

More and more courts are routinely favoring shared parenting time schedules when work requirements allow.  Children want to be loved by both parents and they always love both of you.   We work to ensure that one parent is not the fun parent while the other is the working parent.  The article, “After divorce, shared parenting…

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