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Flexibility and generosity should always be your guiding mantra as you navigate through your shared parenting time arrangements.   Human nature being what it is, your ex-spouse will be more willing to work with you instead of against you if you offer the same. For example, Spouse A has a family gathering on a Sunday a…

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Top 10 Divorce Rulings

Family law varies from state to state, however, historically the US Supreme Court and other high level courts have handed down some pivotal divorce rulings. The following is the very interesting Huff Post list of top 10 divorce cases. Diemer v. Diemer, 1960, established that “refusal to have sex with one’s spouse constitutes abandonment of…

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How are Custody Issues Addressed in Mediation?

One of the best gifts a divorcing couple can give to their children is to work together to resolve their issues rather than tearing each other apart through a contentious court litigation fight.  Mediation can be the couple’s first opportunity to learn to work together under potentially stressful circumstances to make decisions in the best…

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