The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce


  1. Get educated—empower yourself to make your own decisions.
  2. Stay focused on what’s important.  Don’t spend thousands to save $100.
  3. Be generous with your actions and decisions regarding your children.
  4. If you are flexible and reasonable, you will get through this difficult stage of your life and begin to transition into your next chapter.  Eventually you may even see this transition as an opportunity.
  5. Be smart and clear about what’s most important to you.  You want to be flexible, but you need to stand up for the rights that you have learned you have.


  1. Don’t let your lawyer intimidate you.  Only move forward if you understand what’s happening in your case.  If he or she won’t take the time to explain things to you, get another lawyer.
  2. Don’t make decisions based on hurt and anger.  There isn’t enough blood in that stone to make up for what he/she did to you!
  3. DON’T EVER DISPARAGE THE OTHER PARENT TO YOUR CHILDREN.  The parent is one half of the child.  Criticizing the parent is hurting/criticizing the child.  Generosity begets generosity.  It’s human nature.  You will be thankful you took the high road. Your children will be the winners from your generosity.
  4. Don’t drag out the process by fighting each and every issue.
  5. Don’t give away your strength.  Although this may seem counter-intuitive, this is not the time to fall apart.  Even if you are represented by an attorney, it is your life and your family.  This is a time to be practical.