Co-Parenting: What You Should Know

If I had the power to proclaim one rule unbreakable in the divorce process, it would be that nothing about the process, finances, the other party’s failings, the wins, or losses, would ever be discussed within earshot of the children. These are adult matters and should remain that way. The ones who are hurt most by the breakage of this rule are the children. The tips in this article are helpful in that regard.

Some control of the parenting process is lost when you divorce. Each parent has the right to structure the day-to-day rules in his/her own home as they think is best for the children so long as they are safe. It is the big picture, overarching decisions that need to be discussed and agreed upon.

Hold your children and their needs above everything else throughout your divorce and while co-parenting, and the rest of the details will be worked out.

This article, 5 Myths About Co-Parenting After Divorce, provides some great tips on how to co-parent during your divorce.