What You Should Know About Divorce Mediation

Man's hand holding mediation card.It is important to make sure that you feel comfortable with your divorce mediator.  I think that the two most important features you should look for in the divorce mediator you choose are; 1. their professional expertise; and 2. empathy.  You need to be comfortable expressing yourself.  That being said, the ground rules of treating all the parties with respect are important to the success of the process.
With the advent of more virtual mediations since COVID entered our world the point that you need to attend without distractions and multi-tasking has become an additional point of guidance in the mediation process.  I  have encountered a participant trying to cook or drive during a session.  I understand that children and dogs need what they need when they need it.  However, to the greatest extent possible, it is important to participate with full attention and minimal distractions.
This article, Legal Advice and Other Items to Consider for Divorce Mediation, provides some items to consider during your mediated divorce.