Duration of Divorce Mediation Process

I am often asked how long the process of divorce mediation takes.  There are many different models of divorce mediation.  Many mediators use the same hourly billing method that traditional attorneys use.  The problem with that from a time line perspective is that the case can drag on for an indeterminable period of time similar to a litigated matter.  I have a friend who was involved with that method of mediation, the matter drug on too long and ultimately spun into a litigation case.  That risk exists when the case drags on too long.

The new hope divorce mediation model operates according to a time schedule and set procedure which is outlined during the initial consultation.  The goal of the program is to complete the mediation process in approximately 3 months.  The consensual court pleadings are filed after the Agreement is finalized and that uncontested process takes approximately 3-4 months.