Helping Your Child Deal with Your Divorce

There are three important points I want to point out from the topics addressed in this article.  

1.  I agree that counseling for your child can be very helpful while you are going through the transition of divorce.  Many children are afraid, or concerned about, hurting their parent’s feelings so they can’t share the truth of how they are honestly feeling with either of you.  It is a great value for the child to have someone to talk to whose feelings they don’t have to worry about hurting.

2.  Yes it may be important not to spoil a child with things while going through the divorce process out of guilt, or for whatever reason, but you can’t spoil your child with the gift of extra time and attention.

3.  It is important, and very helpful for your child’s sake, to be flexible and generous with your parenting time schedule.  Life happens.  Let little things go and your kindness and generosity should come back to you over time.