How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

The cost of divorce mediation varies depending on the circumstances and the complexity of the case.  I can tell you, however, with absolute certainty that the mediation process costs significantly less than litigation.  Mediation is the most cost efficient method to work through your legal divorce issues.

There is more than one model that divorce mediators use.  Most divorce mediators still charge an hourly rate so the cost is difficult to quantify.  The benefit is still that the parties are working with each other with the intention of resolving their issues rather than battling through the court system.  Obviously there is tremendous benefit to working toward resolution rather than fighting each other and snowballing in opposite directions.

It is my goal to make the divorce process itself not part of the difficulties when my clients are going through the divorce transition.  I want the divorcing couple to know exactly what the process will cost before they spend one dime.  The divorce mediation model that I use, therefore, operates on a set fee.  We will gather some preliminary information from the couple prior to the initial consultation.  This information will guide your attorney mediator at your consultation so that your time is spent focusing on your unique circumstances.  Once that information is supplemented by the information garnered at the consultation, your attorney mediator will quote you a set fee at the initial consultation.  The fee varies depending on the complexity of your case and the number of anticipated mediation sessions.  This process enables the parties to know before they begin how much the entire process will cost.

Any additional fees which may arise during the divorce process, such as the court filing fee, any appraisal fees or asset evaluation, are also explained at the consultation so that there are no financial surprises.  This important information is disclosed right from the start.  The set fee also aligns the divorce mediator’s motivation with the clients–to resolve their issues and conclude their matter in a timely, cost efficient manner.

The divorce mediation process is always personalized so that your attorney mediator has sufficient time to hear your issues, understand all the circumstances of the case and address all your concerns.  It is our goal to explain the divorce process clearly and simply in order to take the fear and the unknown out of the equation.