A New Beginning for New Hope Divorce Mediation

The team of mediators and our paralegal at New Hope Divorce Mediation serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey posing for a photo

We are excited to announce that Karen G. Salib, Esq. is the new owner and leader of New Hope Divorce Mediation, proudly carrying the torch passed to her from its original founder, Mindey Elgart, Esq.  

A distinguished graduate of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law and the University of Pittsburgh, Karen proudly continues her decades of service to our region’s families, a journey she began as a teacher and has continued as a family law attorney and mediator.    

With Karen at the helm, New Hope Divorce Mediation begins its latest chapter of delivering the highest quality, most comprehensive professional divorce mediation services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At the heart of this thriving practice is her vision that everyone who makes the difficult decision to get divorced should have access to a dignified divorce process. 

Karen’s philosophy is rooted in her belief and experience that people know what they and their children need better than courts do, and that — with skillful support and guidance from an attorney mediator – most people can reach enduring agreements without wasteful, destructive, adversarial court proceedings. “Our job as professional mediators is to bring out the best in people,” says Karen, “to leverage the inherent capacity in all of us to be curious, compassionate, and creative with one another, especially when entrenched in deep conflict.”

Learn more about Karen’s background and mediation experience on our team page

New Hope Divorce Mediation’s New Team

It takes a skillful team of compassionate professionals to support people through the most difficult transitions of their lives. Holding the torch with Karen is her longtime, most trusted colleague, paralegal Sari Dominczyk. Those who turn to New Hope for help transforming their lives peacefully and efficiently through mediation benefit from the powerful relationship Karen and Sari have forged through their years of collaboration building successful, family law mediation practices together. Sari’s warmth, wisdom, and keen understanding of family court practice and procedure are invaluable assets to everyone who participates in mediation at New Hope. 

Learn more about Sari’s background in family law and mediation.

While continuing New Hope’s legacy as the leader in comprehensive professional divorce and custody mediation solutions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Karen is determined to expand New Hope’s embrace by becoming the premier provider of specialized family law mediation services for parents of children with disabilities. 

To that end, Karen recently hired Josh Kershenbaum, Esq, one of the country’s leading experts in the intersection of family law and disability. He is a pioneer in Disability-Informed Mediation, devoting much of his time to helping parents of children and adults with special needs navigate peaceful family restructuring. 

Josh earned his J.D., cum laude, from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where he later served as an Adjunct Professor of Law, and his B.A., magna cum laude, from Amherst College. He went on to found one of our region’s premier, boutique law firms focused on representing the rights of children. Like Karen, Josh eventually became disillusioned with litigation, as his true passion has always been helping people resolve conflicts peacefully, creatively, and efficiently. A dedicated peacemaker with extensive training and expertise in mediation and collaborative practice, Josh has earned a national reputation as both a family law mediator and professional educator.

Learn more about Josh’s extensive experience in family law, children with special needs, and mediation on our team page.

The Future of New Hope Divorce Mediation

“The most exciting part of this new venture is that we are already succeeding,” Karen says. “We have been operating for 18 months and have had the opportunity to serve so many couples and families, delivering on our promise to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective family mediation services in our region.”