What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative process for getting divorced rather than hiring attorneys and fighting in court.  Traditionally a divorcing couple would each hire an attorney, file a Divorce Complaint at the local courthouse, and the battle would begin.  This battle could take years and cost thousands of dollars, however, when a couple chooses divorce mediation they have made their first decision as a divorcing couple.  They have decided to work together to resolve their issues in the most civil and respectful setting possible in order to arrive at a settlement  that they can both live with.

The first step is that the parties are educated on the law which is relevant to their particular set of circumstances.  The basic principal of mediation is self-determination.  Once the individuals have the tools, ie. the knowledge of the law which applies to their case, they are able to make voluntary and informed decisions.  The beauty of mediation is that the parties are able to retain control of their divorce by making their own decisions and resolving their own issues.