Smoothing the Divorce Process

Divorce is a highly emotional time for families, and it’s important to get support. Support from friends, families and therapy can help make the divorce process smoother.

While the actual mechanics of ‘how to get a divorce” vary from state to state, it usually looks something like this. One of you files a divorce complaint. It’s served on the other spouse and filed in the county where you reside.

When traditional litigation lawyers are retained as each spouse makes additional demands and the legal fees increase. Not only can this be expensive, it’s also an emotionally draining approach to divorce.

A divorce mediator can help ease the divorce process.

Experienced in family law, your divorce mediator will work with you to ensure that you understand the legal and financial ramifications of the decisions you make before you sign your Agreement.

While the divorce process is often mired in confusion and pain, a divorce mediator provides a safe space for counsel and negotiation. A mediator keeps the focus neutral and helps the couple work out their Agreement with minimal drama.

Smoothing the Divorce Process

At New Hope Divorce Mediation, you will have a limited number of mediation sessions and a flat fee so there are no ugly surprises. We will put your children first by prioritizing their needs and drafting your Parenting Agreement first. We will always put the best interests of your children first.

Young couples with no children who haven’t been married long generally have a simpler divorce process. For those of you who don’t need the mediation sessions but want to make sure your divorce is handled properly we have a Kitchen Table process.

The mediation approach to divorce is a collaborative approach and takes less time than traditional litigation. The decisions you are making for your family and yourself are reached by agreement guided by your professional attorney mediator. This constructive and respectful process eliminates the antagonistic back and forth of pounds of legal paperwork and hours of court appearances. Your divorce is less expensive, less stressful and a much healthier transition for you and your family.

Learn more about the divorce process with mediation.

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