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We have redesigned the new hope divorce mediation website and in the spirit of renewal I am recommitting to writing blog posts on a more regular basis.

I thought I’d begin with the most common concern that potential clients relate to me when they first call to inquire about mediation. “I’ve never been through this before. I don’t know what to expect.”

Most people who contact me have never been through a divorce before. Let me set your mind at ease. I don’t expect anyone who I work with to know anything about divorce or the mediation process. I don’t expect anyone to come to the mediation process with any prior experience. My approach to your divorce mediation is to break down each step in the process and explain divorce mediation to you from start to finish in plain English.

I encourage questions. If you don’t understand something, ask me.   I will patiently approach each and every question until everyone understands.

My goal is to make sure that the mediation process I bring to you is not murky. My goal is to ensure that the divorce mediation process itself is not part of the problem. My goal is make sure that your divorce mediation is as constructive and respectful as possible.