Moving Forward After Divorce

These are fabulous suggestions for moving forward after divorce.  

1.  You are allowed to grieve.  It is almost impossible not to regardless of whether you were the initiator.  

2.  Prioritize your children’s future.  

3.  Get on top of running your financially independent household.  That doesn’t mean you are not receiving or paying support.  It means thriving within your budget.  

4.  Bring friends and family, who support your healthy growth, into your life on a more frequent basis.  

5.  Whether it is a therapist or a financial planner, having information and knowledge for moving forward is calming.  

6.  New romance is great, but make sure to learn who you are again first…you will have a better shot at a healthier relationship this time around.  

7.  Taking time for yourself—self-explanatory.  

8.  Forgive.  Have you heard the story of drinking poison and waiting for the snake to die?  This is the path to your own release.

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